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IEG newsletter

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to the IEG newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In this issue: - Publications - Forthcoming - Conferences & Talks - Others ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Publications ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - P. Allo: . "Local Information and Adaptive Consequence", Logique & Analyse , 49(196): 461-488. - P. Allo & L. Floridi: . "Logic and the Philosophy of Information", Special issue of Logique & Analyse , 49(196). - L. Floridi: . "A look into the future impact of ICT on our lives", The Information Society . 2007, 23.1, 59-64. An abridged and modified version was published in TidBITS . . "√Čtica de la Informaci√≥n, su Naturaleza y Alcance" Spanish translation by Roberto Fel

The Digital Image

The Digital Image , an interdisciplinary symposium from the Oxford e-Research Centre, took place on Friday 16th March. David Shotton had the brilliant idea to bring together Oxford academics who have interests in or are actively working with digital image data, across all disciplines. We described existing projects and activities, discussed state-of-the-art digital imaging and image processing techniques, talked about common interests concerning the description of images and knowledge extraction from digital image resources. It fell on me to present a philosophical view of digital images today. I talked mainly about avatars in Second Life . I should say that, as a member of the audience, the meeting was a fantastic success. I personally felt that I learnt more during that symposium than by attending so many boring conferences. The thing is that the speakers made a real effort not only to talk about digital images but also about their own fields in a way that was informati
"PITTSBURGH — March 26, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. and Carnegie Mellon University today announced the creation of the Microsoft Carnegie Mellon Center for Computational Thinking. The center was made possible through a three-year, $1.5 million grant from Microsoft." More information here

IACAP Newsletter and Awards

The new issue of the IACAP Newsletter, which contains much information about the Association, relevant CFP, etc. is now available at If you work in the area, you may be interested in: - the Covey Award , and - the Goldberg Graduate Award which are available for faculty and graduate students.

ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture

The video podcast of my talk at the University of Arizona is now available here . You can watch it while looking at the PowerPoint presentation. Here is Don Fallis' presentation: "Information Scholar at Oxford to Lecture at UA Type nearly any word or phrase into a World Wide Web search engine and you'll be bombarded with millions of references and links. Even narrow inquiries into specialized medical or legal sources produce a glut of articles in today's information-rich environment. How do you know whether the information you retrieve is relevant? The question of information relevance and how philosophy informs a theory of information relevancy will be addressed by noted philosopher and Oxford University Professor Luciano Floridi at the annual ISI Samuel Lazerow Memorial Lecture. The lecture is Thursday, Feb. 8, in the Swede Johnson Building, Room 205, located at 1111 N. Cherry Avenue on The University of Arizona campus. A brief reception begins at 5:30 p.m., wit