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Legal Deposit Act

This is a short interview for The Oxford Student on Brittain's Department for Culture, Media and Sport's recent proposal on the implementation of the 2003 Legal Deposit Act as regards websites ( ). Tendai Musakwa: In the proposal, the department suggests deposit libraries such as the Bodleian be legally empowered to archive freely available websites to document Britain's history. 1. What is your view on allowing deposit libraries to archive websites? Luciano Floridi: It is an excellent and timely idea. The online and digital nature of most of our data means that we can easily rewrite, lose or erase vast amounts of irreplaceable information. We need to use our technologies at their best in order to cope with their forgetful memories. Tendai Musakwa: 2. The British Library has expressed dismay at the delay in implementing website deposit regulations since the 2003 act, warning that earlier ver

Barwise Prize

 I have delivered the Barwise Lecture at the APA Meeting on the 29th of December 2009 in NY. This is the prize.