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Postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellowship in philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, UK

PLEASE FORWARD TO ANY INTERESTED PARTY Dear Colleague, the new deadline for applications to the European postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellowships is approaching. Researchers who have completed their PhD (but NOT in the UK) are fluent in English are keen on spending two years of postdoctoral studies at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK would like to work on a project related to the philosophy, logic, epistemology, metaphysics or ethics of information, broadly conceived would like to join the research group in the philosophy of information at the University of Hertfordshire have not recently spent more than one year in the UK for academic reasons are very welcome to send their CVs and an initial expression of interest (all in English) to Mrs Penny Driscoll, All my best regards, Luciano Floridi
After many years of good service, things have become more cumbersome at Blogger. FTP publishing will no longer be available after 01 May 2010. I need to decide whether to migrate to a better service. Watch this space. cheers Luciano 

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