New website:

Maybe is the season... after the laptop, now the website. It's done, but it has taken some effort to decide which hosting service was offering the best and most reliable deal. Not to speak reorganizing directories, archives, 301 (thank you Matteo!), and this blog.

It seems that there is no service equivalent to where customers can compare comprehensive and updated evaluations. In the end, most of the charts and lists are biased, cheating, incomplete, whimsical or a bit of each.

Here are some (only some) of the parameters one may wish to keep in mind:
  • price (of course)
  • space (GB are given away for a few dollars, Yahoo Business, for example, is overpriced)
  • traffic limit (again, one should be looking at hundreds of GB monthly)
  • how long the web hosting service has been in business (did it manage to survive through the dot com earthquake?)
  • free (first year) domain registration
  • variety of plans (in case one wishes to upgrade)
  • tools like MySQL or PHP (in case one wishes to do fancier things).
In the end, I opted for IX Web Hosting . After several comparison it really came out as the best option. And so far their service has been impeccable. I hope it stays that way.


  1. A trivial matter, but the link to IX Web Hosting isn't working. I think you might have forgotten the "http://" on the front of the URL. Without it, a browser will create a link relative to the URL of the current page.

    Also, I tried the links to your page archives earlier and they didn't work, but I have no idea why or whether its only a temporary glitch.

    Brian McBride


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