Call for Papers for American Philosophical Quarterly’s special issue on The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Call for Papers for American Philosophical Quarterly’s special issue on The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Editor in chief: Patrick Grim

Guest editor: Luciano Floridi

Artificial Intelligence (AI), from machine learning to robotics, generates enormous opportunities and significant challenges. In the past few years, many of them have led to a flourishing of international initiatives and growing research concerning the ethics and governance of AI. This special issue solicits the submission of original articles that investigate how AI is transforming classic questions or leading to new ones in moral thinking, and how such questions may be addressed successfully. Topics of special interest include but are not limited to AI and: authenticity, creativity, and intellectual property rights; bias, discrimination and fairness; the digital divide; digital sovereignty; capabilities and empowerment; cyberconflicts and cybersecurity; fake news and deep fakes; ethical frameworks and principles; ethics-base auditing; human autonomy and self-determination; sustainability and sustainable development goals.

All approaches, methodologies, and schools of thought are welcome, with particular attention to sound and evidence-based reasoning. Purely historical or speculative articles are not encouraged.

To submit a paper for this special issue, authors should send an email to

Elisabetta Bulla, Centre for Digital Ethics, University of Bologna

including name, surname, academic affiliation and preferred email in the body of the email and the submitted article, fully anonymised, in word format, as an attachment.

The deadline is 31st of July 2023.


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